Our Trade Progam

We are excited for you to be part of our trade program! If you have a gently used, neutral couch or sectional you would like to trade in and use as a deposit for a cloud couch, send over an email and we would be happy to review your couch for a trade.

How does the trade program work?
We provide a discount for the cloud couches based on the condition of your current couch. Preferably, we buy couches that are sectionals or modern couches that have been gently used, have minor stains (discretion of Furnish Las Vegas), and are neutral in color.

Why should I trade my couch?
Selling furniture items on Facebook Marketplace or Craiglist can be a stressful experience. You don’t know who you’re messaging online and who may be coming to your home. We aim to make the process as convenient and worry-free as possible so you enjoy your new cloud couch while we handle the rest.

What types of couches apply for the trade program?
We accept modern couches and sectionals with minor wear and tear that are not patterned. Non-permanent stains and pet hair are acceptable.

How do you gauge the price of my couch for trade?
Prices are based on current, competitive, marketplace prices for your type of couch. We can only be so accurate when estimating fees based on the images you provide. Because of this, we have final say on trade eligibility. Your couch will be inspected in person as well. If we see something we didn’t see in images, we may deny your trade based on how severe the condition is. To avoid potential infestations, we reserve the right to reject a trade for any reason after inspecting the couch. Trade value is non-negotiable.

What type of couches do you not accept for the trade program?

  • Outdated designs (e.g floral/patterned couches)
  • Peeling faux or bonded leather
  • Severe pet damage (excessive hair, odors, etc.)
  • Broken frames
  • Broken mechanics
  • Large rips or tears
  • Severe wear and tear
  • Smoke or other odors
  • Incomplete sectionals
  • Permanent stains (markers, wine spills, etc.)

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