Understanding Affirm

We recognize the significance of flexibility in managing your finances, which is why Furnish Las Vegas has partnered with Affirm, an innovative payment solution enabling you to make purchases now and pay later. To ensure a seamless shopping experience, we’ve curated this comprehensive guide on Affirm and its functionality.

What is Affirm?

Affirm serves as a financing alternative to credit cards and traditional payment methods, offering real-time financing for online purchases. It allows you to acquire desired items today and pay for them gradually over time—a contemporary take on layaway, with immediate ownership!

How Does Affirm Work?

Select Affirm at Checkout: Opt for Affirm as your payment method when making a purchase. Please carefully read Affirm Lending Partner Disclosure page by clicking here to learn more about Affirm’s full payment terms and disclosure requirements.

Simple Application: Provide basic details for an instant loan decision, without impacting your credit score.

Flexible Payments: Tailor your payment schedule to suit your preferences and pay over time. Interest rates, starting as low as 0% APR for eligible customers, vary based on creditworthiness and the merchant.

Transparent Fees: Affirm prioritizes transparency, ensuring no hidden fees or compounded interest. The amount displayed at checkout is precisely what you’ll pay.
Stay Informed: Receive reminders via email or SMS about upcoming payments, and conveniently pay through the Affirm website or app.

Why Choose Affirm?

Clarity: Receive clear, straightforward repayment guidelines and timelines.
Adaptability: Select a repayment plan that aligns with your budget.

Transparency: Understand precisely what you owe, without surprises or hidden charges.

Security: Benefit from advanced technology safeguarding your information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will using Affirm affect my credit score?
Initially, when setting up an Affirm account and undergoing identity verification, a ‘soft’ credit check occurs, having no impact on your credit score. However, proceeding with a purchase and financing via Affirm may prompt a ‘hard’ credit check, potentially affecting your score.

Can I pay off my Affirm loans early?
Certainly! There are no penalties or fees for early payments, which can even save you money on interest.

What happens if I return an item purchased with Affirm?
Refunds will be handled by Furnish Las Vegas and credited back to your Affirm account. You’ll only be liable for any interest accrued between the purchase and return dates.

At Furnish Las Vegas, we’re dedicated to providing choices that enhance your shopping experience, making it both enjoyable and manageable. Through Affirm, our aim is to offer greater payment flexibility, facilitating your acquisition of beloved items on your terms.

For further inquiries about Affirm or assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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